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    What are the qualifications to be a member of NSHRM? If I’m not exactly a “human resource professional” can I still join?

    The following answer is taken from the Chapter bylaw statements.

    Professional Members - Membership shall be limited to:

    • Those individuals who are engaged in the profession of human resource management at the exempt level for at least three years
    • Are certified by a Human Resource credentialing agency
    • Faculty members holding an assistant, associate or full professorship in human resource management or any of its specialized functions at an accredited college or university and have at least three years of experience at this level of teaching;
    • Full-time consultants with at least three years experience in the field of human resources management;
    • Full-time attorneys with at least three years experience in counseling and advising clients on matters relating to the human resource profession.

    General Members - Membership shall be limited to:

    • Those individuals who are engaged in the profession of human resource management at the exempt level but do not meet the requirements for professional membership.

    Associate Members - Membership shall be limited to:

    • Individuals in non-exempt human resource management positions as well as those individuals who do not meet the requirements of the professional membership category, but who demonstrate a bona fide interest in human resource management and the mission of the Chapter.

    Student Members 

    • Individuals who are actively enrolled in human resources degree programs at the college or university level.

    Can I transfer my membership from one chapter to another?

    Memberships are not transferable. You would need to pay the annual dues when you move from one chapter to another. You may be a member of more than one chapter however you must designate a primary chapter through SHRM.

    Do I have to be a member of SHRM?

    While national membership is not a requirement of our chapter, we encourage all of our members to take advantage of the benefits of national membership.

    I’m already a member of SHRM. What can this chapter offer me in addition to my national membership?

    Being a local chapter member provides you with a local networking resource. You have the benefit of meeting other local professionals who are facing the same challenges that you are and can assist you with answers to your questions. You will also receive local information on legislative actions, which affect your company at the state, parish and municipal levels. You will receive notification of cost saving seminars and professional development opportunities in your area. You will learn about issues that are directly affecting your community.

    Also, members have the opportunity to post job openings free to our chapters website which also includes a link in the newsletter. 

    How much does membership cost?

    National SHRM members pay $30.00 a year in dues and non-SHRM members pay $40.00 a year. 

    How many members are in the NSHRM?

    2020 saw numbers of over 170 in membership. 

    Where are the meetings?

    Meetings are usually held in person the second Thursday of each month in the Mandeville, Covington or Hammond area. However, with the coronavirus pandemic there may be several meetings held virtually depending on the State of Louisiana phase restrictions. There are breakfast and lunch meetings. Once a year, the Chapter hosts an all day professional development forum. Most meetings gain professional certification credits.